For the past 7 years, Sales & Marketing Group, Inc. (SMGI), a multi-regional outsourced sales and marketing provider, has been a proven expert in designing and executing measurable sales and marketing solutions to drive customer acquisition, marginal revenue, and retention.

SMGI was formed in 2008 with the principal purpose of serving as a sub-agent of a Fortune 500 corporation’s master agent, assisting it with fiber optic network sales and marketing in Pennsylvania.

During the first 6 months of formation, SMGI’s sales exceeded that of its master agent. In 2009, SMGI was offered its own master agent contract. By year’s end, SMGI exceeded $1 million in revenues, and solidified its position in Pennsylvania as the regional vendor of choice. In 2009, SMGI was also rewarded with its first client award for being one of its top 10 vendors in the nation.

In 2010, SMGI developed 3 distinct sales and marketing channels to satisfy the needs of our client:

  1. Community Events
  2. Single Family Unit (SFU)
  3. Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)

With its new market segmentation focus, SMGI expanded its headcount and increased its sales by over 225%. By the end of 2010, SMGI became our client’s number 1 vendor in the nation in all 3 of the above sub-channels.

By 2011, in recognition of SMGI’s performance, our client requested SMGI to expand into consumer door-to-door marketing, and SMGI launched a pilot office in Harrisburg, PA. During the 6 month pilot, SMGI obtained more sales in the Harrisburg market than any of the 3 prior vendors, and the company opened 2 more permanent consumer door-to-door sales offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to pursue full-scale regional roll-out of the successful pilot model.

In 2012, SMGI tripled its headcount through organic growth and 2 strategic acquisitions of competitor consumer door-to-door offices, and became our client’s number 4 vendor in the nation (in terms of headcount and sales) for their consumer door-to-door program. Additionally, SMGI launched a strategic partnership with a new client and piloted the first sales office for this client in Philadelphia.

In 2013, SMGI expanded to New York, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia at the request of our client, and quickly became the number 1 (in terms of headcount and sales) in each of those 4 regions. The Philadelphia office for our secondary client became the top performing office in the country’s 6th largest market. SMGI added a second office for this client in Pittsburgh through yet another acquisition of a competing company. In only 4 months, the new SMGI Pittsburgh location also became our client’s top performing office in that market, and shortly thereafter in the entire country.

In 2014, SMGI revolutionized its model to a focus on human resource development and growth, creating career pathways for its most successful people. After piloting this new focus in PA, DE, and NJ, the company expanded this model to all regions and all programs. As part of this change, SMGI decided to exit the door-to-door sales industry to focus on our primary competencies.

Today, SMGI has 5 offices and operates in 7 states plus the District of Columbia and has annual revenues in excess of $7 million with over 60 employees.